• New machines and equipment for an improved fitness experience.
  • The introduction of machines suitable for those with disabilities.
  • Equipment with features to help those recovering from accident, illness or injury.
  • New lift installed for easier access to the gym area.

Edenbridge Leisure Centre (ELC) has unveiled a refurbished gym this week following the delivery of new machines and equipment that will enhance the fitness experience for members.

The new facility features market-leading Technogym equipment including treadmills and rowers as well as the arrival of Skillbike – the only stationary bike with a real gear shift that lets riders enjoy the thrill and challenges of the outdoors cycling experience. In addition, and also on the “cycling” theme, ELC has taken delivery of new bikes for use in popular group exercise Cycle (Spin) classes.

Sencio Community Leisure (SCL) chief executive, Jane Parish, says: “Our customers are aware that over the last 12 months we’ve been looking at ways to improve our gym facilities at the centre. We know this has taken some time but as a not-for-profit business it isn’t always as easy or as quick to do the all the things we’d like. I am delighted and excited that we’ve now been able to make this investment and hope our customers, existing and new, will enjoy the changes.”

Other improvements include the introduction of new machines suitable to help those with disabilities or who may be recovering from accident, illness or injury; a new lift providing easier access to the gym, and new resistance exercise machines designed to work all body parts as well as new free weights such as dumbbells.

Wellness manager at Edenbridge, Phil Wyatt, says: “As a community-focused leisure business one of our greatest pleasures is seeing the difference exercise and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle can make to someone regardless of age, interest or previous experience.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re training as part of a sporting passion, are in preparation for a major event such as a marathon or, at the other end of the scale, are exercising as part of recovery from illness or to help with today’s stressful lifestyles, our team is here to give advice, help you plan your routines and give you an encouraging, supportive nudge.”

For further details about all the fitness and exercise activities at Edenbridge Leisure Centre, visit: sencio.org.uk/edenbridge


June 17, 2019

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