• Fewer hotels; less frequent changes of guides and vehicles.
  • Using carefully selected ‘Low Touch Hubs’ as key strategic exploration points.
  • Utilising fully tailor-made approach to travel to reduce levels of risk.

Reducing the number of places a traveller stays in a country while carefully retaining the overall experience of that destination is at the heart of Low Touch Travel, a new concept in development from Selective Asia.

Using “hubs” with the low touch philosophy, it will be possible to cover key areas using day trips from strategic centres, all hand-picked by the company’s award-winning team.

Selective Asia founder and managing director, Nick Pulley, says:

“In its simplest form, where a Selective Asia holiday may have traditionally featured six or seven stops – sometimes with just a few nights at each – we’ll reduce this to two or three with travellers staying longer and making a carefully planned series of day tours before returning each evening.

“This reduces the number of different hotels and also means less frequent changes of guides, drivers and vehicles. From Low Touch Hubs – and to ensure we maintain our award-winning service – travellers can continue touring, enjoying their chosen destination to the full but with fewer touch points.”

Low Touch Travel has been created for those looking for a reduced level of risk when it comes to long-haul holidays. However, as Nick Pulley explains, Selective Asia is neither advocating or discouraging clients to travel until they feel totally comfortable.

“We aren’t telling anyone to travel as soon as they can, or not travel, and clearly no holiday can ever be risk free but we can better manage that risk by asking ourselves the tough questions and looking completely afresh at how we deliver and operate our holidays,” adds Nick.

“We believe this sort of approach is going to be key to addressing demand when the time comes and can help to preserve the enjoyment of travel whilst reducing exposure to risk.

“This work is already underway across our portfolio. It’s too early to lay claim to many ingenious innovations, but we are encouraged and excited by the way things are developing. And, although we certainly aren’t pushing Low Touch Travel as some sort of miracle solution to the challenges of sustainable travel, it can certainly play its part.”

For further details go to: www.selectiveasia.com/low-touch-travel


July 6, 2020

Press enquiries to David Leck at Selective Asia on 07710 326256/01322 528580.