The hobbies and interests many of us have nurtured during our collective confinement have been much-needed silver linings to the heavy Covid cloud. But now award-winning Selective Asia is keen to inspire travellers to keep that momentum going, especially when we do eventually get to embark on those long-awaited holidays.

Nepal Trek – Take the Next Step

It might seem like a big jump from enjoying a leisurely stroll around your local neighbourhood to stomping in the backyard of the world’s most famous mountain, but we’re not suggesting you tackle Everest just yet – baby steps and all that! A base level of fitness is pretty essential, but we’re skilled at adapting trekking holidays in Nepal to your chosen pace. If that feels too intrepid, why not try gentler hikes through Bhutan’s evergreen forests, go off-grid in the jungles of Borneo, or opt for the flatter landscape of rural Laos?

Selective Asia has a fully tailor-made 18-day journey through Nepal from £2933 per person (excluding flights).

Indonesia – Wild Swims

Open water swimming is quickly catching the national imagination, with hundreds of us loving immersing ourselves in ice-cold seas and rivers. If wild swimming was your best discovery of 2020, there are many opportunities to continue getting those thrills in destinations across Asia (even landlocked Laos!). However, those in Indonesia are second to none. Snorkel with manta rays in Raja Ampat, float among stingless jellyfish in an inland lake, take a dip in the water-filled crater of Lombok’s Mount Rinjani or swim in warm, tropical waters in the shadow of Bali’s Mount Agung, and that’s just for starters.

Selective Asia has a fully tailor-made 14-day Indonesia journey from £1573 per person (excluding flights).

Bhutan – Aim High

Few of us have gardens large enough to have cultivated a love of archery over these past months, but we know plenty of people who have built up their darts arms through the winter! Bhutan’s national pastime might provide the inspiration to take it to the next level. As one of the best places in the world to feel like you’re a million miles away from it all, Bhutan is already onto a winner as a post-lockdown destination, and their enthusiasm for archery is really compelling. Get involved, let a few arrows fly towards their target, and feel the exhilaration hit the spot.

Selective Asia has a fully tailor-made 16-day ‘Wonders of Bhutan’ from £3099 per person (excluding flights).

Thailand – Tuck In

Once you’ve become hooked on delicious home-baked bread, the foodie world is your oyster, and there’s no substitute for getting hands-on experience in a cuisine’s country of origin. Why not let the iconic flavours of Thai food take the limelight? From home-cookery classes in Chiang Mai, learning to create some of northern Thailand’s most comforting dishes, to zipping through Bangkok’s markets eating your fill of freshly cooked street food, you can get the lowdown on some of Thailand’s best-loved dishes.

Selective Asia has a fully tailor-made 12-day ‘An Insider’s Thailand’ from £2342 per person (excluding flights).

Japan – Blossom Bathing

If your wellbeing has been boosted by getting your garden looking luscious, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, then why not venture forth to the Land of the Rising Sun and engage in hanami, the photogenic springtime celebration of cherry blossom throughout Japan. If you’re visiting during a different season, take a wander through one of Japan’s gorgeous forests and feel the benefit of shinrin yoku, or ‘forest bathing’.

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April 27, 2021

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